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...but does anyone have a list of studio recording dates for Blake's 7? As in, which episodes were recorded when? I know there was full information of them in the two specials that Marvel published back in the mid-90s, but my copies are in boxes in the loft. I'm guessing that the internet will be quicker, but Google is being a pain...
I'm selling my box set of Blake's 7 DVDs (the complete series plus extras and commentaries). These are region 2, but are playable using a region-free DVD player or, on a computer, VLC player.

The set's in excellent condition, with just slight wear to the box. All discs play perfectly.

I've got these up at Amazon for $210, but I'll sell them on LJ for $195, which includes shipping. I'm afraid I can only sell and ship to someone in the U.S.; international shipping is just too much of an expensive hassle.

Payment by PayPal. Please leave a comment (all comments are screened) here at my journal with your address and I'll reply with my PayPal information.
I hope this request is okay to put here.

I'm looking for a songvid, quite an old one. It's Blake-Avon, and set to 'Total Eclipse of the Heart'. I saw it a few years ago, on a very worn VHS copy, and I was wondering if anyone has a digitized version of it. I've searched Youtube, and Googled, but I can't find it anywhere. In case there's more than one to that song, it's the one where the vidder uses Avon looking round at the guards in the tracking gallery in 'Blake' with the turn around lyrics.

A small gift...

hxxp://www.megaupload.com/?d=560Y41TO (change "xx" to "tt" in order to download)

It's the 7" single of the theme music, nicely transferred (along with a bit of good old-fashioned vinyl crackle) to mp3. Complete with wonderful (and not present on the TV version) middle 8, and kind of vaguely jazzy b-side, "The Federation March". Enjoy.

Oh, and...the cover artwork.Collapse )