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...but does anyone have a list of studio recording dates for Blake's 7? As in, which episodes were recorded when? I know there was full information of them in the two specials that Marvel published back in the mid-90s, but my copies are in boxes in the loft. I'm guessing that the internet will be quicker, but Google is being a pain...
I found my Winter Special, which contains the information you want. Unfortunately, I hurt my eye last Sat. and it's really hard to read (tiny print, mostly white or yellow, set against faded photos, with the information buried in paragraphs about each episode).

If you just want the dates on one or two episodes, I'll squint them out for you, but doing all 52 would be too much eye strain.
For the time being, it's the first half or so of the first season I'm interested - mainly, I'd like to find out which episodes were recorded by the time the first episode was transmitted. If you could help out, that would be massively appreciated.
I can't really read through that many of them, looking for the information, I'm sorry. I tried again, just now, and it's really ouchy. I could manage one or two before the pain gets too much, but not more than that.

If no one else can answer your question, I'll try again in a few days.
Thanks for trying - I appreciate it. :-) Hope your eye gets better.
Thank you. It is much better than it was. I hope it'll be back to normal in a few days.
Some dates for S3 and S4 can be found here:

Thank you. :-)